Even when we know that seeking addiction treatment is the best choice we can make to save our lives, oftentimes there is ambivalence and fear that accompanies this decision. What will our new life look like? How will it feel to give up something that has seemingly served as a solution for navigating difficult emotions? What does “getting help” actually look and feel like? At AAR Healthcare, we aspire to provide transparent and detailed information to help those in our care feel informed and empowered each step along the way. 

If you or someone you care about is struggling with an alcohol or substance use disorder, reach out to our team of addiction and mental health experts online today or call 844.967.1610 to learn more.

What to Expect at AAR Healthcare

AAR Healthcare 1
AAR Healthcare 1

Learning About Addiction and the AAR Healthcare Approach to Treatment

We endeavor to be as helpful to prospective clients and their family members as possible so they can better understand addiction and we can assess together if the AAR Healthcare approach is the right fit for their needs. Our team of addiction and mental health experts prioritizes being of service to prospective clients rather than “selling” AAR Healthcare as the solution. We will happily and helpfully make referrals to other medical providers whenever we believe that is in the client’s best interests.

As such, we encourage those contacting us to:

Share openly and without reservation about the nature of your addiction and what specifically you are hoping to change by pursuing addiction treatment

Explain to us any concerns, resistance, or other issues that are creating ambivalence relative to moving forward with treatment

Ask us any questions you may have, including those about who we are, why we believe we are credible to help, our experiences and philosophies, and how we compare and contrast with other types of addiction treatment programs

AAR Healthcare 2
AAR Healthcare 2

Enrollment in Our Program

If we collectively decide enrolling in an AAR treatment program is the right strategy, you can expect:

To sign a “consent for treatment” document, which gives AAR Healthcare the legal right to treat you

To sign a confidentiality agreement and a release form to ensure that the details of your treatment will ONLY be shared with those individuals that the client requests

Information regarding your rights as a client and our suggestions for how to be most successful within the AAR Healthcare program

A full rundown of the fees, what you can expect to be covered by insurance, and a statement of your financial responsibility

AAR Healthcare 3
AAR Healthcare 3

Quality Outpatient Programs

To develop a treatment plan customized for your individual needs, our treatment team will perform a full medical assessment. This assessment will include the following:

A full medical history, including past addiction treatment episodes, family history of mental health issues and SUDs, allergies, and current medications

A history of your use of drugs and alcohol and related considerations

A thorough review of your vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, pulse) and other screening criteria

Urine screening to test for legal prescription medications and illicit substances and breathalyzer testing for alcohol

AAR Healthcare 4
AAR Healthcare 4

Clinical Intake Assessment

The next step is to meet with one of our clinical team members to identify any mental health considerations underpinning and/or fuelling your addictive behaviors. At this point, we also collectively establish your specific recovery needs and goals to determine what specific modalities and offerings are optimal for you.

Among other areas, we will work with you to customize:

The exact structure and frequency of each of our three prongs of addiction treatment: 1) physician services (including medication management); 2) counseling services; 3) recovery support services

How we integrate both telehealth and in-person visits in a way that works best for our clients schedules, needs, personalities, and learning styles

Strategies to hold each other accountable such that clients know what to expect from AAR Healthcare and we know what to expect from each client

Having been through these important diagnostic steps, you will be ready to begin your recovery journey.

Reach Out to AAR Healthcare Today

The best way to learn what to expect from AAR Healthcare is to schedule a consultation. Our compassionate counselors will answer your questions and guide you in making the right decisions for your needs. Learn what to expect by reaching out to AAR Healthcare online today or by calling us at 844.967.1610.