At AAR Healthcare, above all, we prioritize client care. As such, we are determined to make the referral process to our center as simple and streamlined as possible. Our commitment to those considering referring prospective clients to AAR Healthcare is to connect those we serve as quickly as possible to the customized and comprehensive addiction treatment they deserve.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate and develop partnerships with other local providers and community resources. We work closely with our referral partners to expedite scheduling, ensure efficient communication, and comply with privacy regulations.

For relevant referrals:

Please call us: 844-967-1610 Provided AAR is the solution for the referral candidate, some additional context is:

  • We would start the process via conducting a brief pre-screen with the client.
  • At this point, provided the referral is coming from another treatment provider, it would be helpful to forward us (via the below fax or email address) the client’s biopsychosocial assessment and discharge summary/plan.

Fax & email for sending the above-mentioned information: 760 303 7511,

AAR Healthcare’s distinctive three-pronged approach (described further below) and commitment to evidence-based treatment protocols allows us to successfully treat a wider range of substance abuse disorders than many other outpatient facilities.

AAR Healthcare Provides Comprehensive Outpatient and Telehealth Services

Located in the San Marcos region of San Diego County, AAR Healthcare provides residents of our city and surrounding communities with an evidence-based outpatient option for addiction treatment. 

Outpatient treatment programs represent a practical alternative to residential treatment centers. By design, they offer psychosocial support to facilitate primary addiction treatment, relapse prevention, and coping strategies/life skills necessary for long-term recovery. Some outpatient providers, like AAR Healthcare, also offer Ambulatory Withdrawal Management (outpatient detox) as well as ongoing medication-assisted treatment protocols.

To maximize the flexibility for clients, we offer our services via in-person visits, telehealth sessions, and as most clients prefer, a hybrid approach utilizing both delivery models.

The AAR Healthcare Approach

At AAR Healthcare, we believe that customized, comprehensive, and evidence-based addiction treatment offers those we serve the best likelihood of achieving recovery and sustaining it over the long term.

Our approach to treatment consists of three main components:
AAR Healthcare physician

Physician Services

Our physician services involve medical assessments that lead to the delivery of Ambulatory Withdrawal Management (outpatient detox) and medication-assisted treatment. Our MAT program utilizes buprenorphine (including Subutex, Suboxone, Sublocade), naltrexone (or Vivitrol), and/or other medications to control cravings and manage withdrawal symptoms.

AAR Healthcare counseling

Counseling Services

We use evidence-based counseling techniques delivered by addiction specialists to help address and heal the issues that likely underlie the addiction. This includes individual therapy, group therapy, and, when appropriate, family therapy.

AAR Healthcare recovery

Recovery Support Services

Our team helps clients navigate potential challenges with housing, employment, and legal issues, among other areas. We also help those we serve coordinate care with other healthcare providers (as necessary) and to discover wellness practices that support long-term recovery through improved nutrition, sleep patterns, and mindfulness.

For more information on our philosophical approach to addiction treatment, please visit the “Our Approach” page.

Our Tiered Treatment Levels

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The most intensive level of the AAR program is intensive outpatient treatment. IOP represents our most highly structured and rigorous addiction treatment programming. This is generally ideal for those with more pronounced substance use disorders and those that would benefit from the increased accountability represented by this level of care. 

Outpatient Program (OP) 

Outpatient therapy utilizes many of the same tools as IOP but involves fewer hours of commitment. This stage of treatment is for those who complete IOP or sometimes for individuals who relapse and need to return to treatment. 

Ongoing Treatment

Our ongoing treatment program works with clients after their initial stages of treatment end – its purpose is to provide clients with the support and resources necessary to maintain their sobriety. 

Who Is a Candidate for an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program?

To offer a provider referral, you must first assess if your referral will benefit from an outpatient treatment program. Residential programs often are geared towards clients that have hit “rock bottom” and require 24-hour-per-day attention. The reality, though, is that not every individual has to hit that point to benefit from addiction treatment. Ideal candidates for outpatient services are those who recognize their need for medical attention, counseling, and recovery support but do not require around-the-clock professional monitoring.

Benefits of an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Among the many benefits of an outpatient addiction treatment program are:
  • The freedom to live at home – If your family and friends are well-informed about triggers and can provide a stable home environment, outpatient addiction treatment can provide consistency and routine to a clients’ recoveries.
  • Flexible schedule – We are able to work with our clients’ schedules so that they can keep their work, school, and/or family obligations. 
  • Extension of care – Finally, outpatient treatment is a practical choice for someone that is leaving residential care. Outpatient services are the next step for many as they work towards sustained recovery.

Receive More Provider Referral Information from AAR Healthcare  

As a healthcare professional looking to make a referral to AAR Healthcare, we understand that you have questions. AAR specializes in providing evidence-based medical and clinical care to those, 18+ years of age, struggling with substance abuse disorders while empowering them with the tools needed to achieve long-lasting recovery free of drugs and alcohol. Reach out to us online or give us a call at 844.967.1610 for more information about our programs, approach to care, or any other relevant topic.