Outstanding telehealth services that do NOT compromise client care are crucial, both during and after the COVID pandemic. In fact, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced that temporary COVID-related telehealth changes will now likely be long-term or permanent changes. 

However, not all telehealth services are equal. 

As a result of extensive research, AAR has designed a hybrid model of telehealth in which we offer our services in-person and via telehealth, while optimizing the composition based on COVID public health considerations, individual client circumstances, and the specific services offered.

The goal is simple: we want to adapt to your schedule and needs, not the other way around. We understand the pressures of everyday life, like when the car won’t start or when the boss wants you to work late. That shouldn’t stop you from getting the treatment that you deserve. 

AAR aims to make our telehealth services the treatment delivery method that you can rely on whenever you need it while maximizing scheduling flexibility and overall convenience.

AAR Healthcare Telehealth Program

With today’s telehealth technologies, our medical and clinical providers can further our reach to clients and remain consistent in their treatment, even during crisis times like a pandemic. Provided there is an internet connection, via the AAR Healthcare telehealth platform, those we serve have the opportunity to receive the customized, evidence-based care they deserve without the need to even leave their homes.

Among the many benefits of the AAR Healthcare telehealth program are:


Addresses COVID-19 and other epidemic situations by limiting exposure to infection for vulnerable populations like those struggling with substance use disorders.


Provides clients the versatility to fulfill the responsibilities of work, school, or family obligations while they receive top-quality, customized care.

Real-Time Feedback

In our telehealth program, clients are continually putting what they are learning in treatment into practice in the real world and getting feedback on their development in real-time. This facilitates clients developing healthy routines, interests, and support networks outside of the facility, which helps prevent future relapses.

Learn more about your telehealth treatment options by reaching out to AAR Healthcare directly at 844.967.1610

What Can You Expect in a Telehealth Appointment?

Because we always make a point of customizing our care to the needs of each client, each telehealth appointment will be different.

Your telehealth program will certainly include the following:

A complete diagnostic assessment that includes your medical history and history of substance use – Our team will ask you about your family, medical history, your history with the substance or substances to which you are addicted, your lifestyle, your current health, and a number of other relevant issues.

A treatment program individualized to meet your needs – After we have collected the information we need, the AAR Healthcare team will design a treatment program that addresses your unique situation. This will involve a combination of therapeutic approaches like individual and group therapy, as well as other evidence-based treatment modalities like medication-assisted treatment.

Comprehensive care just as if you were coming into AAR’s facility – We offer the same services – MAT, physician appointments, individual counseling, virtual group therapy, and recovery support services – within this more convenient, flexible delivery model.

Reach Out Today to Learn More About Our Telehealth Program

Telehealth will allow you to get the individualized, top-quality care you need while allowing for maximum client flexibility and safety precautions during uncertain times (like during the COVID-19 pandemic). To learn more about our telehealth program, reach out to AAR Healthcare today using our convenient, secure online form or by calling our team at 844.967.1610.