Evidence-based addiction treatment programs have been demonstrated to result in higher success rates for clients. Additionally, drug and alcohol treatment programs that treat a broad range of substance use disorders and offer a wide variety of evidence-based treatment modalities are more likely to provide truly customized care optimized for each individual client’s needs, desires, and circumstances. 

At AAR Healthcare, we offer a wide range of science-based treatment modalities to give those we serve the tools they need to achieve genuine, long-lasting recovery.

Methods of Treatment in Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Outpatient Treatment Programs 

In the outpatient programs at AAR Healthcare, our clients receive physician-led medical care while also working with our clinical team to explore the root causes of their addictive behaviors, build strategies for living life drug- and alcohol-free, and participate in a broad range of therapies. Those we serve via outpatient care have access to the same range of services they would in most residential programs but can take advantage of those services while fulfilling the responsibilities of work, school, and family. Above all, our priority is to help those we serve with the process of change to empower them to improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

Outpatient care has many advantages over inpatient or residential treatment. These include but are certainly not limited to:

Outpatient care is less expensive than inpatient treatment even when the same quality and range of treatment options are available at both.

Clients get the chance to apply what they are learning during care in real-life situations outside of our facility every day. This kind of practical application is an essential part of recovery.

Participating in an outpatient treatment program gives those served the time to develop new interests and routines outside of our care while building a strong support network to reduce their chances of relapse.

Enrolling in an outpatient treatment program allows clients to hold a job, attend school, and fulfill their family and social obligations — all while also receiving comprehensive addiction treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) 

Medication-assisted treatment involves administering FDA-approved medications in conjunction with various types of evidence-based therapy to address and combat substance use disorders. Clinical data has demonstrated time and time again that medications like naltrexone (including Vivitrol) and buprenorphine (Suboxone) can reduce cravings, help lessen withdrawal symptoms, and result in superior health outcomes.

There are many benefits to receiving medication-assisted treatment. Among the most notable are:
  • MAT saves lives. The evidence demonstrates that mortality rates among those who undergo MAT are lower than those that do not.
  • Clients tend to stay in treatment longer, which generally leads to greater recovery success.
  • Their rates of relapse decrease.
  • Clients tend to be able to find and maintain employment more successfully.
  • Women who undergo MAT tend to have more successful pregnancies.


Clients have remote access to our services through our comprehensive telehealth platform. Telehealth at AAR Healthcare involves the same physician services and clinical treatment approaches that clients receive when attending the facility in-person. For many that we serve, blending in-person visits with telehealth is the most convenient, flexible, and effective overall strategy.

The many benefits of the telehealth program at AAR Healthcare include:


Our telehealth program addresses COVID-19 crisis by limiting exposure to infection for vulnerable populations like those struggling with substance use disorders.


Telehealth programs like the one at AAR Healthcare give clients the versatility to fulfill the responsibilities of work, school, and family obligations while they receive top-quality care.

Real-time Feedback

In a telehealth program, clients are continually putting what they are learning in treatment into practice in the real world and getting feedback on their development in real-time. This empowers those we serve to develop healthy routines, interests, and support networks outside of the facility, which helps prevent future relapses.

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