The AAR Healthcare Mission

AAR Healthcare exists to serve compassionately and effectively those entrusting us with their care. Utilizing science, technology, and client-centered approaches to inform our practices, we empower each AAR Healthcare client to create a life of sustained recovery and wellness.

Conscious Capitalism

The non-profit group Conscious Capitalism, Inc. defines the term as “a way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects where we are in the human journey, the state of our world today, and the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world.”

AAR Healthcare does pursue financial gain, but it aims to do so in a way that considers a broader range of interests and ethical concerns than the standard business model. One of the ways we do this is by considering entities that do not often have adequate power or opportunity to speak for themselves – including, for example, the environment and the underrepresented in our community – as stakeholders in our business. 

By taking these entities into account in our decision making, AAR Healthcare explicitly aims to promote social responsibility and self-awareness in the recovery community. In this way, AAR aspires to be a conscious company in all our practices and interactions.


Conscious Capitalism in Action

Among the most important tenets of the AAR Healthcare model are:

Higher Purpose

Providers of addiction treatment need profitability to survive, but it is NOT the most important reason AAR Healthcare exists. Profits, we believe, will be a byproduct of our delivering exceptional clinical and medical care that empowers our clients to realize a life of sustained recovery and wellness.

Stakeholder Orientation

The addiction treatment community is an interconnected system of relationships. We believe that by focusing on creating value for all our relationships (stakeholders) – our clients, employees, service providers, and the broader community – we will create a company that makes a materially positive impact in the world.

Conscious Leadership

Our clinicians and medical personnel must be subject matter experts within the addiction field, but as leaders, they must be servants and open-minded learners. We believe servant leaders place clients and others first. We believe that by focusing on learning, AAR will be continually informed on the latest developments in science-based addiction research, which will increase the efficacy of the treatment we deliver.

Conscious Culture

Our culture is not what we say it is, but rather how our stakeholders experience us. We believe that by striving to embody the values, principles, and practices of conscious capitalism, we will ultimately provide higher quality addiction treatment by having partners that feel invested in our purpose of delivering exceptional clinical and medical care that empowers our clients to realize a life of sustained recovery and wellness.

“We embrace this challenge of aspiring to embody the principles of conscious capitalism – believing that, ultimately, striving for such an ideal will facilitate creating a long-term and meaningfully positive impact on the clients we serve, our employees, our service providers, and the broader SUD treatment community.”

– Adam Scheer; Founder & CEO of Applied Addiction Research (AAR) Healthcare

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